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Making Dreams Come True One Event at a Time.

Established in 2011 State Street Events is devoted to bringing your dreams and ideas alive. We creatively orchestrate your event to bring forth your personal style and vision. Events aren't about my vision, they are about yours, let's bring them to life together. From Boutique Weddings to Corporate affairs we handle everything under the sun. Our seasoned company will let you rest easy at night knowing your event is in good hands. We will handle event design, budget guidance, vendor coordination and give you experienced advice.We want to get to know you and really understand your style, it is our duty to bring your colors, themes, and personal touches to the event. We are budget savvy and also very creative when it comes to decor and details. We are active on Pinterest and are ready to look over all of your pins to really match all of your ideas with the real things. If we can't seem to find something you are looking for we will try to create it, we are a hands on company that thrives planning events. 

Melissa Michalczyk
Founder & Creative Director
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